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Issues of infidelity need to be handled by a private investigators who is not only experienced at surveillance and information gathering, they must also be well versed in family law to succeed. Our Investigative team, is comprised of investigators who are among the nation's best at handling domestic matters and getting results that matter. From our administrative staff to our local field investigators, we represent the best in the industry at getting discreet results at affordable prices, anywhere! Unlike many investigative agencies, we have a large, ethnic and gender diverse team of investigators at our disposal, ensuring that we have the right type of investigator for your case. We operate successfully in any environment, regardless of where our subject goes. This, combined with our state-of-the-art technology, extensive investigative resources and regular training make us the premier investigative agency no matter where you are.

Private Investigators Services

Private Investigation

Our investigated team is comprised of highly motivated and skilled investigators with diverse backgrounds, who collectively average more then 15 of years investigative experience. Our pool of of Private Investigators, both male and female< includes former law enforcement, insurance industry professionals, ex-military personnel and criminal justice majors.
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Domestic Investigation

Undercover or covert operations: Whether your spouse is cheating or someone is using illegal substances in your home, a domestic invigilator is experienced in gathering evidence and documenting actions without being seen. They are also aware of the legal implications of conducting such an investigation.
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Insurance Investigation

Whether you are an insurance company, Third Party Administrative, Insurance defense law firm, risk manager, private law firm, or corporation/business owner, we at Tri State Detective Agency, are intensively aware of the issues concerning your investigative needs.
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Bug Sweeps

If you suspect you are the victim of illegal eavesdropping, contact ISPY4YOU, today! call us at 1-888-808-7587 or send us a message via our Secure Contact Form. Don't wait! Every minute you wait the eavesdropper is stealing more of you valuable information. Contact ISPY4YOU for a professional bug sweep today!
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Corporate Investigation

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Our Private Investigators are former agents, with years of professional investigation experience.

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